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A few cents can make a big difference!

Since 1994, the World Vision Taiwan Love Loaf piggybank program has channeled the love of the Taiwanese people to help children in Taiwan and abroad. Donations through the Love Loaf have given children access to basic necessities, education, medical care, and clean water, while also providing development opportunities for their communities. Donations have also been utilized to alleviate the problems of street children, poor and ailing children, and child labor.
The Love Loaf fundraising program has been implemented at schools, churches, and organizations throughout Taiwan. 
For a donation of NT$150, you will receive a Love Loaf piggy bank to fill with spare change. Once full, just donate its contents to World Vision Taiwan. Through this simple act, many participants can be reminded to broaden their horizons and do more to help those in need around the world. The Love Loaf program teaches us all that when pooled together, even small amounts of compassion can have amazing power.  
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