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 In the hidden shadows of tall city buildings and the majestic mountains of Taiwan, thousands of impoverished children today are facing daunting challenges, including economic setback due to parents’ unemployment and the steady decline of the family support structure. Though living in an industrialized and developed nation, Taiwan’s disadvantaged children are not immune to social ills or less vulnerable to being deprived of their basic needs. 

World Vision Taiwan’s Fullness of Life program brings support to struggling children and their families by providing a variety of social services, development of family function, child rights protection, and cultivation of culture and talents. The Fullness of Life program strives to ensure children have opportunities to grow up with joy and abundance.   
For a donation of NT$3000, you will be bringing much needed relief to children and families enduring difficult times.
Your donation of NT$3000 will be used in five areas below:
‧NT$600 will go towards caring for disadvantaged children including character education, tutoring after school, summer service scholarships for sponsored college students, and transportation and boarding support.
‧NT$600 will go towards developing family function, including household sanitation, parenting skills and building of family relationships.    
‧NT$600 will go towards cultivating children’s mother-tongue culture and talents, including children’s cultural teams, children’s choirs, children’s centers, and cultivation of special talents.
‧NT$600 will go towards developing community livelihoods, including community industrial development, training and empowerment, and community safeguards. 
‧NT$600 will go towards protecting the rights of the child, including the113 Protection Hotline, foster care service, service for high-risk families, indigenous family and women service centers, community placement services, and child protection family intervention services.         
Make a donation of NT$3000 to invest in the future of children.   
‧Online donation:
‧Postal remittance number: 01022760,        Account: World Vision Taiwan
(Please indicate for “Fullness of Life”)
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