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Together we can end preventable deaths

Child Health Now is World Vision’s first global campaign focused on a single issue: reducing the preventable deaths of children under five.

Every year 8.8 million children under five years old die, mostly from preventable causes such as diarrhea, pneumonia, childbirth complications, and malaria. 

And this is more than just a problem facing the developing world. It’s a “silent” emergency. And it is one of the greatest child rights violation of our time. That’s why World Vision has launched its “Child Health Now” campaign, a five-year commitment to reducing these deaths.

Our campaign will draw on the lessons learned in our community programs where our development strategies are fully linked to our advocacy efforts with local and national government bodies. Through this campaign, we will support communities in raising their voices about their right to quality health care, and we will press national governments to meet their responsibilities to children, mothers, families and communities throughout their country.

World Vision will also join hands with local government and NGO partners to cooperatively address the critical health-related issues in specific communities. Our experience has demonstrated that effective health care – through simple, preventive, cost-effective measures – is a leading factor in community development. The global World Vision partnership is making a significant financial commitment to health in its own programs, of (US) $1.5 billion over the next 5 years.

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can make Child Health Now a priority.

To join the Child Health Now campaign with World Vision Taiwan:

1. Sign the Child Health Now online petition
2. Give financial support to Child Health Now or sponsor a child
3. Share campaign information with friends and family
4. Purchase a Child Health Now t-shirt and wear it on the 5th day of each month
5. Practice healthy habits such as. drink water, wash hands, workout, eat fruit & vegetables

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