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Ms. Chow Mei-ching to join World Vision’s “Famine No More” Concert to express her care for the needy in the Horn of Africa and Taiwan (11/04/11)

World Vision Taiwan’s “Famine No More” Concert will be held on Saturday, November 5, 7:00 pm at Taipei Zhongshan Hall to show support for children and their families affected by food crisis in the Horn of Africa and emergencies in Taiwan. The concert will feature performances by the World Vision-supported Taiwan Children Choir (TCC) with special guest appearances by First Lady Chow Mei-ching (周美青) and Christian singers Vanness Wu(吳建豪), Biung Wang (王宏恩)and Faye (飛, F.I.R.). First Lady Chow will sing a song entitled “Hand in Hand” with TCC.
As a Christian, Vanness has attended many charitable activities, but has a special place in his heart for children as he was from a single-parent family.
“I can understand a hungry child’s desire for food from my experiences of fasting. I also grasp the feeling of loss and helplessness because of my parent’s divorce when I was a child,” said Vanness, who has also been to Africa for charitable causes. “I hope that the audience can encourage their family and friends to take action to help children enduring hunger in the Horn of Africa and Taiwanese families in especially difficult circumstances”
Biung is a former World Vision Taiwan sponsored child and often joins World Vision events to express his gratefulness for support he gained through the aid organization when he was a child.
“I hope I can encourage choir members to adopt a positive attitude when they face challenges. I also would like to cheer up all the needy in the eastern Africa and Taiwan to not lose their hopes as God is together with all people,” Biung said.
Faye, who grew up in a good home, hopes this concert can bring relief to people suffering challenging times.
“Helping other is to help ourselves. We should help each other from the point of view of the global village. Joining the concert is to fulfill this idea,” said Faye.
The Horn of Africa countries - Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia – are suffering the most severe food crisis in 60 years caused by drought. More than 13 million people are now in urgent need of humanitarian aid and there is no likelihood drought conditions will improve until 2012. According to UNICEF, nearly 500, 000 severely malnourished children will die of hunger without immediate life-saving interventions.
In recent months, World Vision has scaled up its relief operations in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. Interventions include distribution of water, food, NFI (non-food items) kits, setting up child friendly spaces, and provision of tents and mobile clinics in Somali refugee camps. World Vision International is appealing for US$100 million world-wide to meet the needs of children and families suffering from this crisis.
Most members of TCC were born into poor families in Taiwan. Emergencies, such as natural disasters, diseases, accidents, and unemployment can easily push low-income families deeper into poverty as they struggle to pay the cost of rebuilding homes, maintaining livelihoods and medical care. Children are often the most vulnerable in time of emergencies.
From September to October, TCC, First Lady Chow, recording artists Wang Lee-Hom (王力宏), Vanness Wu, Biung Wang, and Faye recorded an album entitled “Famine No More.” The “Famine No More” CD/DVD set, consisting of a music CD and a DVD for the live concert, will be released on Thanksgiving, November 24 and is available for presale on World Vision Taiwan’s website. The price for each set is NT$650. Proceeds will benefit children and their family suffering hunger in the Horn of Africa and Taiwanese family in emergencies through World Vision Taiwan’s Horn of Africa Drought Response or Domestic Families in Emergencies.
Ms. Chow and the celebrities call on the public to make contributions or purchase “Famine No Mores” albums to support the needy in Horn of Africa and children in Taiwan who are enduring difficult times. 


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