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35,000 people gather at 30 Hour Famine Hero Rally to bring hope to the hungry on February 11-12 at Kaohsiung National Stadium(02/12/12)
Ms. Kuo read, “ 35,000 is a big number, but insignificant compared to the number of people in hunger. 30 hours is long time, but nothing compared to the endless suffering faced by the poor... ” ......
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Veteran 30 Hour Famine Participants & Stream of Praise mobilize young people to help the less fortunate through the 30 Hour Famine (06/3010)
Over 20 veteran 30 Hour Famine participants and Stream of Praise gathered at a sharing meeting, in an effort to mobilize young people to join this year’s 30 Hour Famine Campaign. ......

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Children are most vulnerable among uprooted populations (6/20/10)
Children are most vulnerable among uprooted populations, says World Vision Taiwan marking 2010 World Refugee Day ......

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World Vision Taiwan announces 2010 30 Hour Famine Ambassadors (6/3/10)
World Vision Taiwan appoints new 30 Hour Famine Ambassadors ......

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WV Taiwan hosts conference on emergency response and disaster management (5/18/10)
World Vision Taiwan hosted an “International Conference on Emergency Response and Disaster Management” on May 18-19 ......

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Harlem Yu performs at Child Health Now Concert (4/24/10)
World Vision Taiwan hosted “Child Health Now: Connecting the World with Love.” ......

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World Vision International President visits Taiwan (5/21/10)
World Vision’s new International President, Kevin Jenkins, met with President Ma Ying-Jeou ......

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