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│Why Sponsor a Child?

Children in the impoverished and developing countries are locked in a vicious cycle at low levels of education, no access to health services, short of resource and living without hope. 

Through World Vision child sponsorship program, the people's love across the globe may be gathered to bring hope and care to the children in poverty that enable their basic needs for living could be met through the sponsors' donation. It provides education, good medical care, health service and better economic opportunities to help the sponsored families go self-reliance and be transformed because of our support to a promising future. And the children may go through their hardship easier with the sponsor's love and encouragement and to have life in all its fullness. 

With a donation a of NT700 a month to sponsor a child overseas (or NT1000 a month for a child in Taiwan), sponsors and children living in poverty can benefit in the following ways: 
Access Education 

140 million children in the world are not able to go to school because of poverty. To help the impoverished children with educational development for a better future, World Vision renovated the clapped out school in poor communities and provide educational facilities, tuition subsidy, supplemental food, school supply, books, and equipments to defend the cold etc. 
Build Capacity for Survival 

30,000 children die from malnutrition and the preventive diseases every day. Your sponsorship will help the children in the developing communities meet the basic needs such as safe water, adequate supplementary nutrition and access to medical care, food security an then your sponsored child may survive and prevent from the threat of death. 
Transform Lives 

World Vision Taiwan gathers sponsors' love and donation, not only to help the impoverished children go to school, improve malnutrition, obtain basic living support, transform their lives, give them chance to embrace hope and dreams, but also to provide the children's families with vocational training, food security, economic industrial development etc which will improve their long-term poverty. These services are run over a 10 to 15 year life span with holistic development and usually target the poorest areas in the district involve initiatives in various infrastructure such as drilling wells, establishing new medical center, children's nutrition center. Their ultimate goal is community transformation and self-sufficiency. 
Share Love

Every child has a life in all its fullness and infinite potential God granted! Through your donation, concern via letters, and the visit, the child may feel your love and care that certainly will bring change and rich blessings to his or her life! 

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