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Q:How does World Vision know children need assistance? 

A: World Vision works in the most needy communities of a country, usually siutated in poor and remote areas. After performing baseline assessments, field surveys and home visits, the most vulnerable children are identified by community leaders and World Vision staff to participate in the sponsorship program. Community leaders and residents are also invited to participate in exploring the needs as well as the solution to the difficulties they face. The target for improvement has to be worked out through the partnership of World Vision the communities we work in, including women and children.
Q:How is my sponsored child benefiting from my monthly contribution? 

A: The sponsorship money you send is pooled with the contributions of donors who also sponsor children in the same community as your child. Your support enables World Vision to give children access to education, health care, spiritual care, and food. Sponsorship funds are also used to help families learn new skills and help them find ways to build sustainable livelihoods. Learn more.
Q: What will I receive as a sponsor? 
A: You should receive a tax-deductible receipt (annual receipt is not included), a Welcome Kit that includes child picture folder, sponsorship DM, information about his/her community and country. You should also receive a letter directly from your sponsored child introducing him or herself and her family. Christmas card and Annual Progress Report on your sponsored child's well-being and education will be sent you regularly as well. 
Q: Can I write to my sponsored child? 

A: Your sponsored children will be very happy to receive your cards and letters. You may send them to your sponsored child to the office address indicated on your child's picture folder. This enables our staff to keep correspondence records and protect your privacy. You may write either in English or Chinese and our staff will translate your letters into your child's language and send both your letter and the translation to the child . Your sponsorship number, sponsored child's name and number should be all written on the letter.
Q: How can I sponsor a child? 

A: You can make contributions by credit card through our online donation system . After we receive your first payment we will send you receipt, child picture folder, sponsorship DM etc materials soon. It usually takes about one month to complete the sponsorship process.