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│Overseas Ministries

Our work overseas is centered on three pillars of ministry with a focus on children: Transformational Development, Relief, and Advocacy.

Transformational Development through child sponsorship is our long-term commitment to communities in need. World Vision works alongside children and families, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to make a better life in sectors such as food security, agriculture, health, and education. Our goal is for communities to become fully self-sufficient so they no longer require outside assistance.

Wherever crisis happens, be it natural or man-made, World Vision experts and resources are ready and able to respond. Through the World Vision partnership, food, water, and sheltering supplies can be deployed anywhere in the world within days after a disaster. And our relief ministries are focused on children who are often the most vulnerable. We work to ensure children are safe and their physical and psychological needs are met.

 And finally, World Vision is an advocate for the poor. We speak out on behalf of children and families to ensure their voices are heard at all levels of government and international bodies. We seek to influence policies that will protect the rights of children and enable them to live to their God-given potential.