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│Foster Care

Over the past 20 years, the revision and promotion of laws covering child and adolescent welfare have highlighted and given more protections to children’s rights. However, due to rapid societal changes, people have come under ever increasing psychological pressures, which unfortunately has caused cases of domestic violence and child abuse to rise.
In 1991, World Vision Taiwan was commissioned by the Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government to provide foster care services. We work to ensure children and adolescents from troubled homes in the Taipei metro area can receive care in a foster home and help young people to learn and grow up normally in a protected and nurturing environment.

In light of World Vision Taiwan’s extensive child protection service experience, Kaohsiung’s Social Affairs Bureau also commissioned us to take over foster care services in the city beginning in March 2010. 

Understanding Foster Families

To provide foster care services, the government works hand in hand with private organizations that coordinate child care programs. When the families of children or adolescents are unable to care for them, the government works with children’s service organizations to find a temporary home in which they can be placed and receive care. At the same time, municipal government social affairs departments provide guidance to their birth families until the family environment is once again suitable for children. At that point, the foster children are returned to their own families. 

Foster Family Responsibilities

The foster family must have the best interests and needs of the child in mind. They must work hard to parent their foster child and must not give up on them easily. 

Foster families must view the foster child as a member of their own family. All family members must be receptive to this new member and provide the foster child with a safe and warm family environment.

Foster families must help the foster child with love and care, giving him or her enough time to adjust to the new family. They must patiently guide foster children to ensure they grow up mentally and physically healthy.

Foster families must accept that the foster child’s stay is only temporary. Once the reason for their placement has been resolved, the family must accept that the child will return to his or her birth family.

Requirements for Potential Foster Family Applicants

As stipulated under the Regulations Governing Taipei City Child and Adolescent Foster Care Services and the Regulations Governing Kaohsiung City Child and Adolescent Foster Care Services, persons are eligible to serve as a foster family if they meet the below requirements:

Applicants must be between 30 and 65 years of age. Applicants over 45 must have at least completed junior high school. Those applicants 45 years of age and younger must have achieved a high school education. 

Applicants must live in the Taipei (Taipei City, Taipei County, or Keelung) or Kaohsiung metropolitan areas. 

The family members living along with the applicant (below referred to simply as “family members”) must agree to taking on a foster child. 

The applicant and family members must be of sound health.

The applicant and family members must be of good moral character, have a caring heart, and enjoy a harmonious family environment.

The family must be financially capable of maintaining the household.

The home must be safe, clean, and have sufficient space for activities and living.

Foster families can care for a maximum of four children, including both foster children and family members under age 18. Of these children, no more than two can be under two years of age, have physical or mental disabilities, or be developmentally delayed.

When the applicant is the only caregiver in the household, he or she may care for a maximum of two children, including foster children and family members under 18, only one of whom may have physical or mental disabilities, or be developmentally delayed.

The Application Process for Foster Families

  1. Submit application
  2. Attend three phases of orientations
  3. Family visit and assessment performed
  4. Approval by the vetting committee
  5. Receive pre-service training
  6. Wait for a match
  7. Welcome a foster child into the home: 1. Sign contract, 2. Enroll child in his or her new school
  8. Scheduled visits from social workers
  9. Foster parents receive additional training
  10. End of foster care placement

How to Become a Foster Family

If you are interested in becoming a foster family, please contact:
Taipei Foster Care Service Center: 02-2585-1195 ext. 9

Kaohsiung Foster Families: 07-722-4989