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│Youth Service
In order for students to make the most of their summer vacations, they do not have to stay in the cities to find work. World Vision Taiwan launched Hometown Service Projects in 2003 to encourage village youth to return home to provide service during summer breaks. Not only can these young people contribute to their communities and share their expertise, but they are awarded a two month service scholarship to help them continue their studies. 
By taking part in this service program, students have more interaction with their community and its residents and gain better understanding of the needs of local children and how they are affected by the area’s lack of resources. Returning home to provide service, students learn to view the changes in their community from a different perspective, which can awaken deep feelings towards their home or tribe. At the end of the program each year, over 80% of the students say that they would be willing to come to the aid of their community in the future should their help be required.