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│113 Hotline
The Ministry of the Interior has commissioned World Vision Taiwan to operate the 113 Protection Hotline. By dialing 113 from any phone (cellular phone or land line), you will be connected to professional social workers 24 hours a day who are ready to provide care and counseling services. We have also set up a case database and a domestic violence prevention network. The 113 Protection Hotline also works with 25 domestic violence centers, police, justice agencies, and medical care providers who work together to provide rescue and consulting services
The hotline provides child protection, family violence, and sexual abuse consulting and reporting at any hour of the day or night, while also offering sexual harassment consulting and assisting victims to file official complaints. In addition, we process and act on the cases reported by the public on the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Committee, Ministry of Interior website.
Hotline Features
113 is a toll-free number answered by trained professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
With a single call to 113, the public has access to three different counseling services (for domestic violence [including child protection], sexual abuse, and sexual harassment).
Interpreters are available for Taiwanese, English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Cambodian speakers, who provide assistance to non-Mandarin speakers through three-way calls.
Who Should Utilize the Hotline 
  • Child and adolescent abuse victims
  • Victims of domestic violence (without regard to age or sex)
  • Victims of abuse (without regard to age or sex)
  • Members of the general public with questions about related issues or are in need of legal advice.  
How it Works
Professional social workers are on hand 24 hours a day to answer phone calls, providing consultation services for issues such as child protection, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment. They can also refer callers to appropriate resources and related organizations offering assistance. For standard cases, the information is passed on to the caller’s local Domestic Violence Prevention Center within 24 hours. In emergency cases, government or law enforcement authorities are alerted or social workers are promptly dispatched from the local Domestic Violence Prevention Center.  
If you suspect domestic violence or the neglect or abuse of a child, please dial 113 immediately to get in touch with the Protection Hotline. Your phone call can help a victim escape the threat of violence and prevent a family tragedy!