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│Emergency Relief

Natural Disaster Relief

The moment a disaster occurs, World Vision Taiwan is prepared to launch relief activities. We immediately begin to assess impacted areas and determine the needs of affected people enabling us to provide essential goods and services without delay. We visit with local families and work to continue care for affected children and families well beyond the initial relief period by assisting in recovery efforts to rebuild lives.
After Typhoon Morakot struck eastern and southern Taiwan in 2009, World Vision Taiwan social workers stationed in the disaster areas immediately began handing out goods and assisting residents to find shelter. We also set up Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) so children could begin to heal from mental distress through reading and playing games following the disaster. World Vision is now working with typhoon survivors to rebuild their homes and communities.

To learn more about World Vision's Typhoon Morakot relief program through the 30 Hour Famine Campaign, please go to:

Emergency Family Assistance
While sudden calamities and natural disasters can be devastating to anyone, their impact is doubly debilitating to those families who had already been in dire economic straits. In order to assist sponsored children and their families in the event of a disaster, our social workers not only visit with the families to provide emotional support, they also provide funeral subsidies, emergency living allowances, or medical care subsidies as necessary. In cases where one or more parents are unable to work or are unemployed, we provide special family support subsidies to meet the urgent needs of disadvantaged households.
Medical Care
World Vision Taiwan provides services to remote communities often lacking basic medical care. Due to economic difficulties, many families in these areas also often delay necessary treatment because they cannot afford to join Taiwan’s National Health Insurance, pay clinic registration fees, or the cost of medicine. On top of financial limitations, poor transportation in remote areas further restricts residents from receiving proper medical care and enjoying public health resources. Often basic knowledge of oral hygiene and vision care is severely lacking.
World Vision Taiwan has long been committed to improving the health of children and advocating for their right to receive quality medical care. In addition to helping children take part in the National Health Insurance and receive adequate medical services, we also provide additional emergency assistance through subsidies and equipment (providing nutritional supplements, rehabilitation equipment, and subsidies covering transportation, living expenses, and children’s insurance premiums). At the same time, our trained volunteers provide scheduled free mobile clinics in rural areas, while also cooperating with local medical institutions to strengthen local dental and vision care services, health education, and understanding of the National Health Insurance program. Sponsored children can also receive prescription eyeglasses free of charge. Only when children receive proper medical care, can they grow up healthy and strong.