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Veteran 30 Hour Famine Participants & Stream of Praise mobilize young people to help the less fortunate through the 30 Hour Famine (06/3010)

Over 20 veteran 30 Hour Famine participants and Stream of Praise, a popular Christian music group gathered at a sharing meeting this afternoon, in an effort to mobilize young people to join this year’s World Vision Taiwan 30 Hour Famine Campaign.
The 30 Hour Famine is World Vision Taiwan’s response to household emergencies and  humanitarian crisis in Taiwan and around the world including natural and man-made disasters, the affects of climate change, the global food crisis, war and conflict, and the HIV and AIDS pandemic. 
“We want to encourage more young people to care for needy people all over the world through joining the 30 Hour Famine,” said Hank Du, Executive Director for World Vision Taiwan.
The program started with the melodic voices of Stream of Praise as they performed several songs, including “Fill Our Hearts With Love”, “More Love”, and “Little Dream.”
Following the performance, Pastor Sandy Yu, CEO for Stream of Praise shared that love does not appear by itself in the world. We need to pass love onto others for the world to become full of love.
She encouraged young people to not be afraid to pass on love. “Boldly show your love. The world will become warmer because of you,” Pastor Sandy Yu said.
Several young people who have joined the 30 Hour Famine Hero Rally many times shared about their previous experiences with the famine campaign.
Ji Quan-Iao, a PHD student at Taiwan University, has participated in the 30 Hour Famine Hero Rally since 2005.
He said that he likes children very much and especially loves to see children’s smiles. Today, he sponsors a child through World Vision’s child sponsorship program and regularly joins the 30 Hour Famine campaign. 
“I started to lead children at my church to join the 30 Hour Famine Hero Rally and DIY Famine since the 16th 30 Hour Famine (in 2005). I thought it was just a fun party for the children, but it was much more than that,” Ji Quan-Iao said.
“An elementary child, who can only fast 12 hours because he is too young, told me that once he begins junior high he wants to fast 30 hours, ” he said. “I was so touched by his words because joining the 30 Hour Famine is really something to look forward to.”
“We don’t have much money but we have the passion to pass on love and impact others,” said Ji Quan-Lao.
Yen Zheng-Rong, a university student, has lead DIY famine groups at her school since the 17th 30 Hour Famine. She said that joining the 30 Hour Famine has changed her life.”
“When I saw a film about people suffering from war and hunger I was moved and decided to take part in the 30 Hour Famine,” said Yen Zheng-Rong.
“There is no other activity like the 30 Hour Famine and as a World Vision volunteer, I want to connect more people to support the 30 Hour Famine,” Yen Zheng-Rong said.  
At the sharing meeting, Xiao Yu, a high school student thanked 30 Hour Famine participants on behalf of all those who have been helped through famine support.
“Thanks to World Vision’s economic support, I was able to overcome obstacles throughout my life. World Vision provided values and career classes for me. These classes helped me to walk on the right path and understand what I want to do,” Xiao Yu said.
To assist families suffering sudden calamities, people who donate NT$ 700 to World Vision’s ‘Families in Emergencies’ fund will receive a Stream of Praise album set, including DVD and CD entitled “Little Dream.” Those who make a donation of NT$ 1000 will receive two tickets for the Stream of Praise concert on July 31, in addition to the album set.
The 21th 30 Hour Famine Hero Rally will be held on August 7-8, 2010. To give participants an opportunity to care for the world in a real way, this year’s rally will be different from the previous rallies. On the first day of the rally, participants are encouraged to perform community service organized by World Vision or on their own. After completing service, all participants will gather at Linkou Gymnasium on August 8. 15,000 participants will be expected to join this year’s rally. 
How can people support the 30 Hour Famine:
‧Donate NT$700 for a set of CD & DVD titled “Little Dream”
‧Sign up for the 30 Hour Famine Hero Rally:
‧Postal remittance number: 15752467,        Account: World Vision Taiwan
(Please indicate for “30 Hour Famine ”)
‧Contact us at hotline: (02) 2175-1995 or e-mail:
‧30 Hour Famine


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