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“Lively Taiwan, Happy Family” Walkathon held in 7 cities across Taiwan on International Family Day, May 15(05/15/11)

On International Family Day, “Lively Taiwan, Happy Family” Walkathon organized by Taiwan’s Happy Family Alliance and World Vision Taiwan was held simultaneously in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Hualien to promote family values. Pastor Zhu Tai-Shen(朱台深) of Glory Church and organizer of the Taipei event announced that a total of 40,000 people joined the walkathon country-wide.
The Taipei event started at 2:30pm today from 5 different locations and converged on Taipei City Hall. Celebrities, corporate executives, star athletes, legislators and city councilors joined the charity walkathon, signed petitions, and called on the public to cherish family relationships. First Lady Chow Mei-ching joined participating families and Hu-Kuang Church Children’s Choir to sing “Love Our Family”
Despite the rainy weather, 15,000 participants joined the event in Taipei.
When all participants converged at Taipei City Hall, Pastor Yang Ning-Ya(楊寧亞) of Taipei Truth Lutheran Church and organizer of the charity walkathon explained the meaning of the event.
“According to the Ministry of the Interior, the divorce rate is the highest in the world. It seems Taiwan is without hope. But I see so many people joining in this event today, and joining in solidarity to love our family. I believe Taiwan has a hope and let us be faithful in marriage and build a happy family,” said Pastor Yang.
FIR, Vanness Wu (吳建豪), Will Pan(潘瑋柏) walked with participants from MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Station to Taipei City Hall and shared their personal family stories from stage.
Ian, of FIR said that to make his music dream come true his mother asked a music company to hire him as a production assistant.
“Parents’ love is unconditioned to children, as do children toward their parents. We should love each other,” said Ian.
“My mother always supports what I want to do. When I joined the walkathon today many fans walked with me. I feel that Taiwan is like a big family, so we all should love our family,” said Vanness Wu (吳建豪).
“I am the oldest son in my family, so I think I am responsible for building good relationships with my family. So when I go out I often leave a note at home. I left a note that said I love you all when I went out today,” said Will Pan(潘瑋柏).  
At the close of the Taipei event, the attending celebrities, Mr. and Mrs. John Hsu (徐光宇), General Director for President Starbucks Coffee Corp., Joseph Pai(白崇亮), Chairman for Ogilvy & Mather, Taiwan, star athlete Yang Shu-Chun (楊淑君),legislators and Taipei city councilors signed petitions that state: “Be faithful in marriage for life and build a happy family.”
With a long history of caring for impoverished children in Taiwan, World Vision Taiwan’s Fullness of Life program supports struggling children and their families by providing a variety of social services that develop family functions, protect child rights, preserve indigenous cultures, and cultivate talents. The Fullness of Life program strives to ensure children have opportunities to grow up with joy and abundance. All donations from the walkathon will go toward the Fullness of Life program.


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