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Experts share trends and best practices with front-line social workers at World Vision Taiwan’s International Conference on Child Protection(03/30/11)

Beginning this morning, nearly 220 social workers, professional and researchers in the field of child protection from NGOs, academic institutions and government agencies gathered at the College of Law, National Taiwan University, to share innovative ideas and new child welfare approaches at World Vision Taiwan’s “Love Overcome Crisis-International Child Protection Conference.” 

While highlighting the increasing frequency of natural disasters and the tragic consequences of man-made crisis such as the recent global financial downturn in his opening speech, Mr. Victor Kong, World Vision Taiwan Board Chairman said, “these disasters put main caregivers under immense pressure that affects children, but we believe love can overcome crisis. We believe we can find better solutions for families in crisis by sharing opinions and discussing different approaches among experts of child protection today.”
Chang Shiu Yuan, Director of Child Welfare Bureau, Ministry of the Interior praised World Vision for holding this international conference and for inviting international experts to contribute to the continual development of Taiwan’s child protection programming.
“Although we don’t have enough resources in Taiwan, let’s commit to working together from local to national levels to empower and develop our child protection system,” said Ms. Chang.  
Janet Lynn Flory, Deputy Commissioner for New York City Administration for Children Services (ACS) spoke on “New Trends In Child And Family Support Services” by sharing important reforms ACS has implemented in recent years, including clarifying and transferring responsibilities between public and private agencies, recruiting qualified staff by setting hiring criteria, advocating the importance of taking care of children and weekly monitoring sessions called “ChildStat,” which take place three Thursdays a month.
“It allows us to gather qualitative and quantitative data. We use these sessions to ask questions, discuss our cases, and use statistical analysis to inform our child protection programs,” said Ms. Flory. 
“We cannot resolve every issue, but we can have better intervention services through effective assessment,” she said.
Mr. Alirio Guerrero, Director of Preventive Services for the Children’s Aid Society, later presented on “Preventive Services for Children and Families at Risk.”The Children’s Aid Society (CAS) has been devoted to promoting the healthy development and safety of New York City’s most vulnerable children for more than 155 years. They have been a provider of foster care services since 1855. Mr. Guerrero first explained the trend from foster care to family preservation.
Mr. Guerrero said that recent child welfare trends in New York City suggests that preventive services have been a crucial element in enabling many children to remain safely in their homes, without the need for foster care, at a time when more abuse and neglect was being identified.
“Our model of intervention has two important points of emphasis: we look to multiple levels of context and how they influence family difficulties. We see the family as having strengths that can be activated as potential resources for consistently improved outcomes for our families,” said Mr. Guerrero.
The conference will continue on March 31 when Ms. Flory and Mr. Guerrero will further discuss child abuse intervention approaches. 

 World Vision Taiwan is focused on meeting the needs of children in Taiwan and protecting the fundamental human rights of children. Aside from providing economic aid to disadvantaged children and their families, the aid agency in cooperation with the Taiwanese government has actively promoted a nationwide three-tiered child protection system, including the 113 protection hotline service, child protection family intervention services, and foster care and placement services. World Vision works to reduce the vulnerability of families through child-focused, family-focused, and based-community approaches.



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