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First Lady Chow Mei-Ching and daughter Ma Wei-Chung arrive in Haiti to visit relief and development projects with World Vision and Red Cross(08/31/10)

 First Lady Chow Mei-Ching and her daughter, Ma Wei-Chung, have arrived in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, to visit relief and development projects on behalf of aid organizations World Vision Taiwan and Red Cross Society of the Republic of China.
Departing from Taipei on Sunday, August 29 and after brief stopovers in Anchorage and New York City, the First Lady touched down in the Haitian capital at 12:40PM on Monday, August 30 Haiti time (GMT -6). The First Lady and her daughter arrived in good spirits and wasted no time to begin their two day visit.
The first stop was Red Cross supported orphanage, Solidarite Fraternite, where the First Lady interacted with young orphans and learned how this center is helping them. The children performed Haitian dances and enjoyed yo-yo’s they received as a gift from the First Lady, who is the Honorary President of the Red Cross Society of the Republic of China. During the event, the Red Cross also handed over a new gas stove to Solidarite Fraternite.
After the orphanage visit, the First Lady departed for Kaliko Beach Club on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince where she met with World Vision Haiti senior managers to better understand World Vision’s work in Haiti, especially the organization’s long-term development programs and earthquake relief activities.
Ms. Cedrelle Jean Louis, World Vision Haiti’s Acting National Director and Mr. Ton Van Zupthen, World Vision’s Relief Director in Haiti briefed the First Lady on how the aid organization is making a difference for children living in the poorest areas of the country and especially for the children who were affected by the devastating earthquake last January.
The First Lady’s day concluded with a dinner reception with Taiwan Embassy staff and their families, some of who survived the earthquake and have remained in Haiti since.
Tomorrow morning, the First Lady, will visit Food for the Poor, an aid organization supported by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
Also in the morning, the First Lady, who is World Vision’s Love Ambassador, will have an opportunity to meet her four Haitian sponsored children and their families, as well as other children from Taiwan funded Rio Onde Area Development Program (ADP). Rio Onde ADP is located in the Central Plateau region of Haiti and the children traveled to Port-au-Prince today, all eager to meet the First Lady.
In the afternoon, the First Lady will visit World Vision’s child-focused relief activities in earthquake refugee camps in Bremond and Delmas. Many of the children the First Lady will meet have lost homes to the earthquake that devastated Haiti in January and are now being supported by World Vision through Child Friendly Spaces and Early Childhood Development Centers. At these centers, children have an opportunity to learn, play, and overcome their fears and distress caused by the earthquake.
The First Lady had wanted to visit Haiti right after the earthquake struck to care for the affected children; however, due to conditions on the ground it was not possible until now.
“First Lady Chow has been committed to the well-being of children for a long time. Every time she interacts with children in need, it is deeply touching,” says Hank Du, World Vision Taiwan’s Executive Director. 
“She is in Haiti today on behalf of over 10,000 Taiwanese people who sponsor children in this country through World Vision and to send their compassion.”
“The First Lady is also here representing the Taiwan government to affirm the country’s diplomatic relationship with Haiti and to commit to working together to help the poor and vulnerable,” says Mr. Du. 
For Ma Wei-Chung, this trip is her first time visiting a third world country, and she looks forward to learning how she can make a difference for less fortunate children.


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