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World Vision celebrates completion of new houses for Typhoon Morakot survivors in Taitung (7/4/10)

On July 4, 2010, President Ma Ying-jeou joined some 31 families who had lost their homes to Typhoon Morakot last August in Duwu Township, Taitung County to celebrate the completion of their new houses built by World Vision Taiwan. 
In the completion ceremony, President Ma recognized World Vision and the other stakeholders for their commitment to help the displaced families have a safe, permanent settlement before this year’s typhoon and rainy season comes.
President Ma also presented a medal to the Mayor of Zhonghe City, Taipei County to commend Zhonghe citizens’ generous contribution of NT$2,812,000 to support the housing project to relocate the Fushan community in Dazhu Village of Dawu County to the former location of Dawu Primary School.
Fushan chief Chen De-Mao, aged 84, expressed deep appreciation in his Paiwan mother tongue on behalf of his tribesmen.
Since Typhoon Morakot struck his village, Chief Chen shared he continued to feel very scared by the sound of heavy rains. He was especially worried that his community people would be affected again during the forthcoming typhoon season. However, with the new houses being completed, his fears have finally faded away.
The president of Fushan community self-help group, Yiu Zhong-Ping was thrilled for finally having a place to call home. He hoped that his community could develop tourism as a new livelihood. He also appealed to the government not to dismantle the old Fushan settlement so they could set up a cloth-weaving workshop there to preserve their tribe tradition.
World Vision has completed 128 houses in Taitung County for Typhoon Morakot survivors – 50 in Jinfong Township, 14 in Daniao Village of Dawu Township, 33 in Taimali Township, and 31 in the former location of Dawu Primary School. 
World Vision urged people of Taiwan to provide continuing support to help more typhoon survivors rebuild their lives.


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