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│What is Sponsorship?

Building a better future for children
World Vision works with children, families, communities and sponsors all over the world to improve the well-being of children. We believe that the best way to help children is to work with them, together with their families and communities, to make changes that last.
Child sponsorship builds relationships between children, their families, sponsors and World Vision staff. Each person in this relationship improves life for the others by sharing resources, hope and experiences in overcoming poverty through child-focused development programmes.
How does child sponsorship work?
Child sponsorship establishes a relationship between a sponsor and a child in a way that personalises the challenges of poverty and development. The sponsor makes a direct contribution to the community's goal of improving life for the child.
Sponsors’ contributions help deliver health and educational improvements and support vital development in the communities where the sponsored children live. Sponsored children participate and benefit from these programmes. Sponsors receive regular progress updates.
World Vision Taiwan pools sponsors' regular donation to help children in over 30 countries and areas in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Taiwan. Today, the lives of 40,000 children in Taiwan and 120,000 children overseas  have been made better through World Vision Taiwan's child sponsorship program.
You can sponsor a child overseas for NT$700 per month or NT$2000 per month for a child living in Taiwan. Through the regular contributions of child sponsors, children are educated, have access to clean water and health care, and can grow up in protective and nurturing environments. Over time lives are transformed along with their community and children lead lives with greater hope and opportunity.

After completing the application process, new sponsors will receive more information about their new sponsored child. After the first donation is received, we will send sponsors a receipt and welcome pack (including sponsored child's picture folder and sponsorship DM etc.). Every year sponsors receive his or her annual progress report, and Christmas card. Sponsors can also communicate with him or her by letters, participate in events held for the sponsors.

Our hope is that the lives of both the sponsor and sponsored child can be enriched and transformed through the process of making the world a better place for children.

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