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Natural disasters, political upheaval and civil conflict - emergencies can arise out of a variety of circumstances. In all of them, survivors - many of them children - can be left stranded and in urgent need of relief.
World Vision’s emergency relief activities seek primarily to, save lives and reduce human suffering, protect and restore livelihoods, reduce the risks faced by communities affected by disaster and conflict.
We focus on assisting the most vulnerable, including children, women and the elderly. In this way, we can ensure basic needs are met and human rights are protected.
From October 2008 to September 2009, with funds raised through the 30 Hour Famine, World Vision Taiwan coordinated domestic and international resources to quickly aid over 2 million people with urgent needs in 30 countries around the world (2,033,781 total beneficiaries). These donations also went towards communities receiving reconstruction or development aid, with a focus on benefitting women and children.
To learn more about World Vision Taiwan’s relief work through the 30 Hour Famine Campaign, please visit