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│Indigenous Care

Because of the recent state of Taiwan’s economy, indigenous peoples have an increasingly difficult time earning a living in Taiwan’s cities, spurring many to return to their tribal villages. However, there are few employment opportunities in these mountainous areas, so poor families find it ever more difficult to make ends meet. In order to increase employment opportunities for indigenous people and promote local economic development, World Vision Taiwan actively assists tribal villages to promote the sustainable development of economic resources. We provide specialized training based on the unique elements of each village, enabling residents to pass on their cultural heritage, while increasing marketable skills and improving the local economy.
In recent years, World Vision Taiwan has stepped up our efforts to promote indigenous community industry. We have worked with many disadvantaged communities including the Jilakayang Tribe in Guangfu Township, the Talanpo Tribe in Fuli Township, the Ksunu Tribe in Fusing Township, and several villages in the Jianshih and Alishan Townships. As part of these indigenous community industry development programs, we have encouraged pesticide-free fruit and vegetable farming, taught improved farming techniques, and provided professional management training to enable local people to develop their own industries that spotlight the characteristics of each village. The development of local industry will provide a diverse variety of much needed employment opportunities and raise local incomes. 
Some tribal villages in Hualien, Hsinchu, and Chiayi implementing indigenous community industry programs have received transitional organic certification, which is the result of many years of hard work invested by local farmers. World Vision Taiwan still continues to assist communities in the development of varied marketing channels and professional management to build a stronger local economy for the benefit of local residents. Communities are equipped to improve the welfare and care of disadvantaged children and provide them with a better environment in which to grow and develop.