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│Child Protection

Incidents of child abuse and domestic violence are closely related to social, family, and personal factors. World Vision Taiwan begins our child protection work with the children themselves, basing our comprehensive service and care on the foundation of family and community. When children have a functioning, healthy family, they can escape the consequences of abuse.


In order to respond to society’s diverse needs, World Vision Taiwan, in cooperation with the government, has implements a three-tiered child protection system:

  1. Primary prevention: Advocacy to ensure that the public is aware of the issues. 
  2. Secondary prevention: Establishment of a child abuse early-warning system, to decrease the risk of children becoming victims. 
  3. Tertiary protection: Implementation of protective measures.

World Vision Taiwan’s primary prevention work involves advocating for child protection and holding educational activities. We not only encourage public awareness, but we also take a step further to provide community-based preventative services to protect and care for children from disadvantaged backgrounds while they are still in their own homes. In addition, we provide support and supplementary resources to ensure a safe family environment to eradicate abuse and violence.

As part of our secondary prevention work, World Vision Taiwan offers counseling service to high-risk families at 18 service locations in 16 cities and counties across Taiwan. Through early detection, we can actively provide care and support to high-risk families, thereby reducing the occurrences of child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence. 

Tertiary protection includes operation of the 113 Protection Hotline. The Ministry of the Interior has commissioned World Vision Taiwan to operate the hotline since September 2009. Dialing 113 into any phone or cell phone will direct you to World Vision Taiwan’s Protection Hotline Center, where trained social workers are waiting to provide necessary services.

World Vision Taiwan is also commissioned by the government to provide other protective services, which include foster care (Foster care services in Taipei and Kaohsiung and indigenous children and adolescent protection community shelters), placement services, short-term shelters (Vision Home, Hualien Women’s Emergency Shelter), and family counseling services. Families where abuse has occurred can receive appropriate treatment and assistance through our various services. Child abuse victims receive additional protection measures to reduce the risk of further abuse and mend the psychological wounds caused by violence.