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│Children Centers

There is a large gap between the educational resources and cultural stimulation available in remote areas as compared to Taiwan’s cities. Children living in remote areas should not be allowed to fall behind because of geography. With this aim, World Vision Taiwan provides tutorial services and supplementary English and computer classes, which enable students lacking educational support and resources to improve their academic competitiveness and build up self confidence. 
Currently, over 1,000 World Vision Taiwan volunteers provide 600 tutoring courses at more than 500 locations throughout Taiwan. Not only does tutoring help students to achieve their potential, but also gives them more nurturing care that they desperately need.  
At the same time, World Vision Taiwan, with the support of generous individual and corporate donors, has worked together with community churches and activity centers to set up 40 children’s centers in remote areas. We have also provided all types of equipment, including books, computers, and audio/video equipment. In addition to tutoring classes during the week, the spaces can also host parental education classes and parent-child activities on weekends and during summer and winter vacation. Children can enjoy a suitable space for studying and recreation, while activities can bring parents and children closer together.