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│Tuition Aid

To help young people who are unwilling to give up their education despite difficult circumstances, World Vision Taiwan distributes tuition aid to students prior to the start of each school term. Tuition aid, determined by education level, allows young people from poor families to attend school without worry no matter how dire their financial situation. 
Students attending junior college or above receive NT$10,000 per term, high school students each receive NT$5,000 per term, while young children not yet of school age, elementary school, and junior high school students each receive NT$2,500 per term. In addition, students who must live away from home to attend school can also receive transportation and boarding subsidies totaling from NT$1,000 to NT$4,000.
To motivate children to continue their education, World Vision Taiwan has worked together with local churches to establish student centers in Shueili and Puli Townships. These centers ensure that sponsored children and children from single-parent families, low-income households, or remote mountainous areas have a place to stay, thereby decreasing the difficulties they face in attending school.
At the student centers, the children not only enjoy a safe, comfortable living environment, but also receive assistance from professional social workers and benefit from tutoring, spiritual counseling, life education, and recreational activities. Giving the students an encouraging environment to study and grow also allows them to better concentrate on their studies.