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In recent years, rapid changes in Taiwan’s society, economy, education system and cultural diversity, have resulted in more serious and complicated family problems. Impoverished children in Taiwan are facing exceedingly complex problems and, in turn, have more complex needs.

In order to respond to difficulties children face due to poverty, World Vision Taiwan has a four-pronged approach that includes providing holistic care for disadvantaged children, protecting the rights and interests of children, strengthening disadvantaged families, and community transformation and development programs. We provide comprehensive care and guidance for children through our child sponsorship, education aid, child protection, and indigenous community industry programs.   

Today, World Vision Taiwan has six area offices and over 50 service locations around the country that provide services to every corner of the nation, including the outlying islands of Orchid and Penghu. Our work is also deeply rooted in remote indigenous communities and provide the widest array of services of any private humanitarian organization.