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Sign up for the 28th 30 Hour Famine Hero Rally

Sign up for the 28th 30 Hour Famine Hero Rally

World Vision Taiwan’s 28th 30 Hour Famine Hero Rally is open for sign-up starting on March 1st. This year’s campaign theme is Together We Will. World Vision Taiwan invites the public to support and transform the lives of children at home and abroad that struggle in war and conflict, natural disasters, famine and children from at-risk families.

This year’s hero rally will be held simultaneously in three locations, Changhua, Kaohsiung and Hualien, inviting people across Taiwan to support vulnerable children around the world and learn more about their needs. Join us by signing up for the hero rally, organizing a DIY Famine, or making a donation to share a meaningful meal with children from Africa.

Sign up for 30 Hour Famine Hero Rally

This year, the hero rally will be held from July 15th to 16th in Changhua, Kaohsiung and Hualien. Going without solid food for 30 hours, participants will learn more about the needs of vulnerable children who suffer from famine, as well as critical humanitarian crises taking place around the world. The life education integrated in campaign activities will help participants understand their relationship with the world and live a more meaningful life.

Help refugee children who struggle to survive

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, currently about 65.3 million are displaced. For children and their families that have experienced so many wars and conflicts, home remains an impossible dream.

“I remember how I came here, but I don’t want to. People in my country fled because of the war,” said Mary, who fled from South Sudan to Uganda with her mother, brother and sisters when she was eight. “We walked for seven days…I don’t want to think of the war. I want to forget about that period of time,” she said.

Mary now studies in a public school in Uganda and participates in after-school activities at a Child Friendly Space organized by World Vision. World Vision provides psychosocial therapy and peace-building trainings to help children learn to solve conflicts and respect each other. “In here, I’m not afraid. I can live happily. I want to study hard and help my family when I grow up,” said Mary.

Famine, fragile nations and at-risk families in Taiwan

In addition to the refugee crisis, this year’s 30 Hour Famine campaign also aims to focus on food shortage caused by flooding, drought and other forms of extreme weather. Lives become more vulnerable when existing food shortage is compounded by war and natural disasters. And children are often the most vulnerable group amid such crises. When food shortage happens, children often die of hunger and malnutrition; they could also be forced out of school, enter into marriage, become child laborers, immigrate or become separated with their families.

In Taiwan, because of financial problems or accidents, children from at-risk families or families facing special circumstances often go to bed hungry, which also affects their studies and other aspects of life. During the most difficult time of their lives, timely support will help these families weather through critical moments of their lives and quickly restore family function.

Support World Vision Taiwan and help hunger children around the world

The 28th DIY Famine was launched in November of 2016, with 13,537 participants completing the DIY Famine as of February 21st. The mission of this year’s DIY Famine is “My post-famine declaration”, which aims to invite participants to think about how to stand up for vulnerable children and share posts on Facebook, with hashtags #30HourFamine #TogetherWeWill. World Vision Taiwan invites you to share your Facebook post screenshot to the official website of 30 Hour Famine, as a way to encourage more people to join the fight against hunger.

In addition to the hero rally and DIY Famine, World Vision Taiwan invites the public to join in by sharing a meaningful meal with the loved ones. Symbolically share a meal with a child or family from Africa, by ordering one less dish and donating the cost of that dish (NT$500 per child, NT$2,000 per family). Moreover, you can share the photo of this meal on social media with the hashtag #TogetherWeWill, #ShareAMeal. Your donation will help more children and families have enough food and stay away from hunger. This action also encourages everyone to think about hungry children in their daily lives by starting small and contributing to a world without hunger.

The 28th edition of 30 Hour Famine aims to raise NT$240 million to support a range of work, including international food security, refugee relief, countries in fragile context, at-risk families and families facing special circumstances in Taiwan.

Supporting vulnerable children in Taiwan and abroad is a tremendous task that cannot be accomplished by any one person or organization, said World Vision Taiwan Executive Director Jonathan Chen (陳純敬), who invites people in Taiwan to participate in the hero rally and the DIY Famine or make a donation, joining the effort to fight against hunger and transform lives around the world.

Learn more about this year’s 30 Hour Famine campaign


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