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Join Tony Yang & Vivian Sung to transform a life for good

This January, World Vision Taiwan Sponsorship ambassadors Tony Yang and Vivian Sung visited Guatemala to learn more about World Vision’s work. In Taiwan-sponsored Comapa ADP, they witnessed the improvements made through the generous support of Taiwanese sponsors in areas including child malnutrition, disease prevention, and livelihood development. Children who once suffered from domestic and gang violence have now gained the confidence they need to transform their communities for the better.

Their first stop was a Common Pot program hosted in the house of Melda, a guide mother trained by World Vision. Tony and Vivian joined her as they fetched water, collected wood and made delicious tortillas for more than a dozen preschoolers. "These aren’t just delicious dishes, but nutritious food that can help the children grow up healthy," said Tony as he helped feed the children. "World Vision has transformed the lives of these children. They were once malnourished, but now they are healthy and playing happily," said Vivian.

At Favio’s home, both ambassadors learned how home improvement projects helps locals avoid the rampant Chagas disease, a unique illness in Central America. "I want to thank the sponsors in Taiwan and World Vision for helping us improve our environment. Now, I don’t have to worry about my kids getting sick anymore," said Favio with a big smile.

In Sowers of Hope, a World Vision supported club for children aged between 9 to 12, members of the club shared their dreams for the future with Tony and Vivian. "I want to become a pediatrician to help people in my community," said 11-year-old Jennifer, who used to be a victim of domestic violence but is now actively promoting the rights of children.

In the same venue, Vivian met with her sponsored child, 5-year-old Jackeline, for the first time. "We didn’t have much time to spend together. But I learned from her parents that something small from me can make such big difference to the life of a child," said Vivian.

During this trip, Tony and Vivian also saw the urgent need for water in Guatemala. They walked with Ana and fetched water from a pond, the only source of water for more than 500 people in this community. Women have to walk for about an hour to get to the pond, only to bring dirty water back for their families. Tony and Vivian were saddened to hear that children are often sick because of the dirty water they drink.

"Every child represents hope for the future. Child sponsorship helps transform the lives of children, their families and communities so they can achieve self-sufficiency," said Tony, who served as the ambassador of the Child Sponsorship program for the third time. "Childhood experiences have a determining effect on children’s future. This program ensures that children grow up in a healthy environment that they deserve," said Vivian.

With NT$700 a month (NT$2,000 for domestic sponsorship), you too can help the vulnerable children in Guatemala and other parts of the world achieve a brighter future.

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