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45,000 Gather in Kaohsiung for the 26th 30 Hour Famine Hero Rally to aid fragile nations

On February 7th, people young and old alike from every corner of Taiwan came together at Kaohsiung National Stadium to heed the call to fight global poverty and hunger. 45,000 participants gathered at The 26th 30 Hour Famine Hero Rally to go 30 hours without solid food and experience what life is like for millions of displaced and refugee children and families around the world.

The 30 Hour Famine Hero Rally officially kicked off with a minute of silence in remembrance of the victims of the recent TransAsia Airways tragedy, after which World Vision Taiwan Executive Director Benjamin Nan encouraged the young people in attendance to become worldly global citizens who care for those in need both at home and abroad.

Featuring event co-ambassadors JJ Lin (林俊傑) and Ning Chang (張鈞甯), the 30 Hour Famine Hero Rally will again bring awareness to the needs of fragile countries around the world. Having traveled to the Caribbean nation of Haiti with World Vision Taiwan in 2014, Lin and Chang witnessed the plight of children and families who suffer from the lack of food and clean water.

The 30 Hour Famine hero rally will conclude on Sunday, and participants will continue to advocate for the needs of families around the world affected by poverty, armed conflict, and natural disasters. World Vision Taiwan sincerely calls on the Taiwanese public to log onto Chunghwa Telecom’s hievent service and tune in to the live broadcast of the 30 Hour Famine Hero Rally, as well as make a donation to assist those affected by the recent floods in southern Africa.

In January, the southern African nations of Malawi and Mozambique were hit by the largest floods in the area in 40 years, affecting more than 460,000 people and damaging countless roads, houses, and crops. Haiti, which continues to rebuild 5 years after it was struck by a deadly earthquake, and South Sudan, which faces ongoing civil war and famine, are just two of the many more countries around the world ravaged by hunger, malnutrition, and displacement. Food shortages, armed conflicts, and sudden onset emergencies have plunged poor nations into a state of heightened fragility.

With a fundraising target of NT $220 million for the 26th 30 Hour Famine campaign, World Vision will continue to assist fragile nations such as Haiti and South Sudan as well as respond to relief and rehabilitation programs for major disasters here at home in Taiwan.


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