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Love Loaf: Spare Change Brings Big Results to Bosnia-Herzegovina

As the ambassador of World Vision Taiwan’s “Love Loaf” campaign, singer-songwriter William Wei traveled to Bosnia-Herzegovina to witness the positive changes made in the formerly war-torn nation over the past two decades. From March 9th to 15th, Wei traveled to Krivaja and Jahorina ADPs, and he shared his personal testimony with Taiwanese media at a press conference on March 19th.

The Love Loaf initiative is inspired by the miracle of the loaves and fish feeding the multitude. Donations to the Love Loaf campaign are utilized in community development projects in World Vision Taiwan ADPs around the world.

In Bosnia, William made pastries with local mother’s groups and joined children in music and dance. In local classrooms, he joined in the effort to facilitate understanding and acceptance between children of different ethnicities and beliefs, while also helping them tend to livestock and listening to them speak about their dreams.

At the press conference, William confidently stated: “Although these children may not know for sure what adults are trying to accomplish here, I see it as an example of the butterfly effect. I believe that as we continue to spread the work, the Love Loaf can bring transformation to these children’s lives.”

William also visited children in Roma communities and a local disabled children’s center, experiencing the effect that education can have on a young life. The most memorable moment of his journey to Bosnia came when the children he sponsors brought him a cake for his birthday and took him to school to meet their classmates.

William added: “World Vision is helping the locals in Bosnia become self-sufficient, teaching them how to fish instead of merely giving them fish. This not only helps the development of local communities but also respects their wish to be self-reliant.”

In addition to education projects, World Vision Taiwan engages in agricultural projects, providing livestock, seedlings, and training to 321 disadvantaged families and improving their livelihood.

Having visited Armenia in 2013 and Bosnia this year, William Wei is sure that can World Vision Taiwan will continue to make a difference: “I believe that the Love Loaf can truly change a child’s world.”

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