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William Wei’s Armenian Trip: Passing the Love of Child Sponsorship through Love Loaf(05/13/2013)

During a nearly weeklong visit to Armenia in early May, World Vision Taiwan’s Love Loaf Ambassador William Wei, a famous singer in Taiwan, witnessed the suffering that Armenian children and families still bear due to the fragile economy and shortage of resources and found it all quite shocking. Nevertheless, with World Vision Taiwan’s child sponsorship serving the Gavar area development program, children’s lives have significantly improved during the past 7 years.
When William and his sponsored child Hunan met, they played with LEGO bricks together. This short period of time nevertheless affected him at his core, as he was deeply touched by the emotional connection between him and Hunan in that moment. William felt great responsibility to take care of Hunan and further change his world and the future of his community.
With Poverty Everywhere, Armenia Taught William a Lesson
At the WV press conference on May 9th, William recalled the landscape he saw, “Armenia is a country full of contradictions.” Due to rampant unemployment, local Armenian people cannot afford to buy or rent a house. Consequently, some people must work abroad or even move to another country, never to return home again.
Even worse, many families are unable to pay bills for either electricity or natural gas because they are simply too expensive in Armenia.
“A lot of what we have today are not always necessities, but these are the things that might be exactly what these children need in their daily life,” William believed.
Now Williamcame to understand his own purpose on this Armenian trip more than ever before, and his essential role in engaging more donors or sponsors to change these poor children’s lives meant even more.
Let’s Change a Child’s World
A Love Loaf for a Child’s Well-being
The Republic of Armenia became independent in 1991, and political, social and economic problems caused chaos and hopelessness after the Soviet communist system collapsed. Complex issues such as high unemployment rate and lack of development led to an impoverished generation of underprivileged families, ; leaving children especially vulnerable.
In the Aparan ADP in Aragatsotn, the poorest region in Armenia, World Vision Taiwan is now undertaking several projects slated for implementation between 2011-2015, including children protection, education, and child sponsorship management. In addition to organizing children clubs and youth banks, WVT also promotes ecofriendly trout-fishing for local citizens in order to provide an additional source to their income.
In Gavar ADP, on the other hand, great progress has been achieved at the Gandzak community. Dairy cattle’s milk production and collection not only brings 20,000~25,000 liters of milk per year but also adds great value to the development of the local economy. Children are happier, and families have enough income to support children’s education and health.
William said, “What we can do now is to give a little bit of funds for a child or a community. Collaborating with World Vision Taiwan, we will transform a poor community with hope and change.”
World Vision Taiwan’s Love Loaf program aims to help children in Armenia and many other developing countries. By simply donating NTD $25 a day, $700 per month, anyone can contribute to child sponsorship.


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