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  Love Loaf: Spare Change Brings Big Results to Bosnia-Herzegovina
  Hope for a Better Future
  The Master Chefs of Melghat
  This May, Take Action to End Preventable Child Deaths Around the World
  Chien-Chou Chen and Christine Fan Visit Nepal in Support of World Vision Child Sponsorship
  World Vision Launches Fundraising Appeal for Typhoon Haiyan Victims
  The Love of Global Citizenship: Let There Be Light for Sponsored Children (09/07/13)
  The 25th 30 Hour Famine Kick Off: Sign up Now for the DIY Famine (09/10/2013)
  William Wei’s Armenian Trip: Passing the Love of Child Sponsorship through Love Loaf(05/13/2013)
  Count Me In – Survive 5! World Vision Taiwan Calls on Public to Join Child Health Now (11/01/12)

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