Since its establishment in 1964, World Vision Taiwan has been reaching out to the disadvantaged children and families in Taiwan and abroad, spreading the love from Taiwan to more than 80 nations around the world.

In 2014, World Vision Taiwan will have been serving the community for 50 years. As we transform the lives of 230,000 children through child sponsorship, power through 25 editions of the 30 Hour Famine, and keep 100,000 disadvantaged Taiwanese children in school, there are many more children and families around the world whose lives have been changed for the better.

Through the stories of generous sponsors and thankful beneficiaries, we hope to inspire positivity and courage in you as we continue to chronicle the transformation that is still taking place here in Taiwan today. Flip through the photo album, watch the videos, and witness the changes made possible through selflessness and devotion. As we look back on 50 years of grace, thank you again for your contributions and generosity. This world is a better place because of you!

Thank you for walking with us each and every step of the way, and we invite you to continue to support long-term community development through clean water, health, education, and relief programs. As we sow seeds of hope and joy, let us come together and make a better world for the next 50 years!

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